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Follow Your Heart

“Good afternoon our most beloved Family of Light. We are most excited to have this opportunity to share our perspectives with you on this most wonderful day. Today we want to discuss with you the importance of following your heart. As many wise men have stated, the truth lies within. The truth of who you are and the truth of your path. Within you lies every answer to every question and every grain of truth that you would ever need to satisfy your asking. For within you lies the truth of who you are; within you lies the ultimate being – a descendent of the Source. The True You is wise and powerful and understands your path like no other, for it is the path of Self. You have access to the greatest truths and the greatest knowledge and yet you often fail to see the power that you hold. You ignore the knowing and you ignore the prodding which tells you where to go next, simply because you are afraid of stepping out of line. You are afraid of breaking from the crowds and allowing the True You to shine through.

Today we want to remind you of the great solace that can be found in following your heart. You are afraid, not because failure waits for you, but because of the unknown. You are afraid because you have spent years believing in your weakness and in your incompetence to truly make a difference. You are afraid because as a physical being you do not know anything different. BUT the true you knows different. The true you is a culmination of all that you have been and all that you will ever be. It is the culmination of your greatest strengths and by following this divine guidance, your success is always guaranteed. You must come to see who it is that you truly are; you must come to embrace that you are most certainly not the form you see before you; not truly the character that you are playing now. You are an infinite being who has always been and who will always be, and by the will of the almighty source you have been granted the ability to change this world. Through embracing who you are and following the diving guidance inside of you, you will rise up as the true mighty being that you have always been and you will change this world forever. You will embrace the part of you that has all the answers and provides all the knowledge you will ever need and you will finally see once and for all who you truly are.

Let go and be free. Follow the voice inside that is the true you, loving and guiding the physical aspect of Self safely and securely to a path of freedom for all. Take your place as a child of All That Is and know how truly powerful you are. You cannot fail when you choose to be the true you and you cannot fail when you choose to follow the path that has been laid out before you. For it is not just you that walks this path dear one, as all paths are but one in the same. There are others who walk this seemingly barren landscape with you and through each other you will find your greatest strengths. Through each other you will see that the path of one will fulfill the path of ALL and that in truth we are all walking the same path. Together you will embrace the true nature of humanity and you will know peace. As a united front you will see that the same truth that resides in you, resides in ALL and that we are truly but one in the same. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. the Ascended Masters”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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