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You Are Supported

"We are most excited to deliver this message of encouragement and hope to you today. We come to you as a collective of Angels – representing your Guardians and your Archangel family. We will begin this most important message by stating how very proud we are of you. We are proud of every step you have taken and every moment you have stood bravely for what you believe in. The path is not always easy, as you are very much aware. Your insecurities and doubts have created quite the array of fears for you and yet you have moved through them beautifully, proving to the world exactly who you truly are. There is so much more to come and we encourage you to ensure that these days where you expand and grow are filled with Joy instead of Fear. Walk forward knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be. Do not fear the process and instead be excited and grateful for it. Know that you do not have to be afraid anymore and that it is now the time that you are to shine and do what you do best.

We want to take this time today, to remind you that while you take these great leaps you will never be alone. We are with you always taking these steps alongside you. We walk beside you guiding you towards Joy and we do our very best to assist you when you do allow your fears to fester. We understand how perilous this journey can seem at times and we are so very sympathetic to your needs. We wanting nothing more than to make you smile and allow you to see the beauty within your path and we will always strive to do so, if you will only allow us to. We want you to know that there is not a moment that you are meant to walk alone; not a moment that you do not have resources available to you. There are times when it seems that others have failed you, but we most certainly never would. We know you, the True You and we stand beside you through it all. Know that we are here. Feel us around you embracing you in light and love. Know that we will remain beside you through every step of this journey and as you walk on know that you are supported and cared for. A Lightworkers path may not always be easy and that is why we are here. We know that if anyone needs a little pick me up now and then, it is you!

So walk forward bravely dear ones, walk forward knowing that there are legions of us waiting to assist you. Do not be afraid. Find that brave warrior within and find the courage to chase your dreams. These fears are only temporary, we assure you of this and once you find your voice within all of the noise, you will be a mighty unstoppable force! You will set a great example for all and you will show the world the true potential of man. Be proud, be strong, be YOU! We love you so very dearly and we watch over you with pride. We thank you for allowing us to assist you on this journey, for it truly brings us no greater joy than to serve this role. In this role we allow the truth of compassion to encompass us and we experience the greatest love we have ever known. We are truly honoured and truly grateful for every moment of it. We thank you brave brother/sister of the light and we applaud you for your courage thus far. Love and Light <3 Your Angelic Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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