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“YES! What a most wonderful word – a word that all of you love to hear. A word that evokes great emotions within you, indicating desire and accomplishment. Well today, we want to take this word YES and repeat it back to you a thousand times. All of your questions, all of your concerns: will I get there, will I accomplish this, will I reach this goal, am I capable? YES, YES, YES, YES, YES and a thousand times more YES. The answer is always YES. Many of you are failing to understand the most important aspect of reality creation and it is that nothing is out of reach and nothing is unacceptable. The answer you will always receive from Source Energy is YES, IF and only if you will ask. So many of you at this very moment fail to see that there is nothing that is occurring outside of you. You think that things are unfolding around you against your will and you have forgotten the key to your planet – ALL is choice and all is of the will of Self. You are in control of EVERYTHING – every “good” and “bad” thing that you perceive. You have chosen and directed it ALL. You perceive that it is only when you “consciously create” that you are making a choice, but you are making a choice at every moment of every day. So, in understanding this why not make the choice that is joyous?

Why not choose a creation that serves you best and why not say “shall I have this Source Energy/Universe/God?” and allow the always repeating, always applicable answer of YES! We want to remind you today that you will receive what it is that you desire, if you intend for it to be so. You will climb the highest mountains and reach the greatest depths, IF you choose for it to be so. You must not sit by idly and hum and haw over what could be, you must make the choice NOW and allow it to unfold before you. You are a mighty creator and all that you are required to do is CHOOSE. All you are required to do is ask for what it is that you desire, through your intention and your choosing and the answer will always be Yes. We want to remind you today that you are not as weak and unknowledgeable as you perceive your Self at times. You are quite capable of this concept of conscious reality creation at any moment of your choosing, but you have created your own worst enemy out of your Self by making Self believe that conscious creation is hard. You have created this notion that copious amounts of visualizations and affirmations are needed, when in reality it is really only about intention and about choice. You do not have to make creation so difficult and you do not have to choose anything that does not optimally serve you.

Choose to bring that which you desire into your life, choose the answer YES for anything and everything that you desire to assist you on your path. Choose freedom and choose the path that is desired by Self – for Self – and for the fulfillment of The All. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time together. We encourage you to ask today, for all that you desire. Ask and allow the answer to reveal itself to you, for if you are patient and of faith – you will find that the answer is always YES. <3 Your Ascended Master Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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