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You Can Do It

"I am most pleased to deliver yet another message to you this week. Today my message comes to you as one filled with encouragement and hope! Know this my dearest family: YOU CAN DO IT! You can do anything and everything that you set your mind to and in time you will see that this is the truth. But in order for you to reach this state, you must come to truly remember why you are here and what you are here to do! So many of you have not yet remembered the full scope of your work.

Although you are called to assist, many of you do not know in what manner you are meant to assist. Some of you have taken this notion of assistance and misinterpreted it to believe that you are here to save another, but to this I must say that you have forgotten the whole point of this journey. Physical life is a beautiful experience for growth and expansion – growth and expansion that could not be achieved in the same manner from a strictly non-physical perspective. And so all souls who chose to incarnate on this plane, came forward knowing the decisions that would be made and the struggles that would be perceived. There is not a single person on your planet that has simply been thrown into the water without a life raft available. EVERY single person is following the path that they were meant to, at the pace they were meant to. So from this perspective, it must be seen that saving is not necessary; for each person has the tools within themselves to find their own way out of this perceived struggle. There is not a single one of you that has awakened that must take on this burden of single handedly ushering others into this new age, for this is not your role to take. You are simply here to be a great example. You are to show others the truths, manifested beautifully in your physical reality and you are to display to all that a new way is very possible. You are not asked to force your beliefs on another, for to do so would be no better than any other tyrant in your histories. You are not meant to imply that you have all the answers and that another must follow you or be lost, for that is not the role of the enlightened and awakened being. Your way is the way for you and your greatest gift is to awaken the sacred way within each person, a way that will be as unique as the individual following it. So know this: you will succeed. YOU WILL DO IT! There is no doubt about that, but first you must begin by remembering exactly what it is you are here to do.

Remember your sacred objective of showing the world the truth of man, remember your great mission to spread the light. Live your life in joy, and in harmony with the Source and allow all the abundance that you are rightfully entitled to, to flow to you freely and easily. Step outside of the box, release limitations and see the powerful creative being that you are. In doing so, you will achieve every dream that you have ever desired on a personal level and from a global perspective – you will set the mightiest example of all. For you see dearest ones, your greatest gift to this world is living your life of dreams. Your greatest testament is in showing that separation is not necessary, as abundance is available to all. Switch your mindset from past beliefs of martyrdom and the messiah complex and be what the world truly needs. Be an example of who you all truly are and find your way. Shine your light as brightly and proudly as you can and in doing so lead all others home. You are a great hero, whose sole purpose is not to fix another’s perceived failures, it is to understand the universal laws and embrace the individual path. Your function is to welcome the individual journey with respect and compassion and know that from a soul perspective – everyone is precisely where they are meant to be! Do not take on the saviour complex, as it is a burden too great for anyone to bear and assume your rightful role as a great Example and you WILL do it! Focus, Focus, Focus! I love you dearly and thank you for this time. <3 Archangel Michael.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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