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Positive Changes

"Good Morning/Good Evening to our most wonderful physical Family of Light. What a Joy to speak with you today. We find so many of you preparing your Self for a time of great festivities and we are overjoyed to see the happiness and companionship that you feel at this time. Today we want to offer you a very special gift for this holiday season, as you partake in traditions and welcome in the New Year – we want to extend the knowing to you that positive changes are on their way! You have worked diligently this year, bringing that which you no longer desire to experience to the surface for transmutation and you are going to see the benefits of this practice entering into your life in the days moving forward. Know that your dedication has not gone unnoticed and nothing will go unanswered. For your shift in perceptions and thought patterns will undoubtedly yield the results you have desired, as it is law.

We want to remind you today, how proud we are of you and your progress and we want to instill within you a sense of pride in the amazing feat you have accomplished. Brave young Lightworkers, slowly awakening to your mighty sovereignty and remembering the ancient beings that you are. Beautiful souls who have chosen to come forward and light the way for others. What a pleasure to know you! We thank you so very much for your dedication and for the strength you have displayed in these days. It most certainly does not go unnoticed. And so today, we want to remind you that positive changes are coming. Positive changes that will bring about a great time of peace for you. So continue forward knowing what you are capable of. Keep your thoughts where they should be and your heart in a state of knowing. Allow all of the good that is flowing to you to enter into your life freely and easily. Laugh more, play more and enjoy this physical existence, for that is what you are truly here to do – to experience every single aspect of it!

Enjoy this holiday season, embrace the traditions that bring you joy and make you smile. Take a break and spend time with family and remember that physical life is truly a great blessing. We love you dearly and we are so very proud of you and your progress. Every one of you is so very precious and so very powerful and we are so very eager to see what is to come for you! We love you dearly and we will speak again! <3 Your Ascended Master Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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