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Listening For Guidance

“Hello dearest Family of Light, we are your Angelic Guardians. We are most pleased to have the opportunity to speak with you today! We have picked a most important topic that we believe many of you could use a little reminder of at this point in time. Many of you find your Selves rushing so much, working to achieve goals and racing towards the progress you seek. This is most admirable, as progress is your natural state of being and you are continuously growing and expanding. Although we greatly appreciate your progress, we do understand that many of you need a little reminder to take a moment – slow down and listen for the guidance that you are receiving.

Why do we propose this? Well, simply because many of you need a reminder that a break is in order and many of you need a reminder that assistance is most certainly available to you! Many of you approach physical existence as a race and you perform it strictly from a physical perspective. You fail to see the legions of beings that are wanting to assist you, as you partake in your daily activities. Beings who would love to encourage you, remind you of your importance, as well as offer loving guidance to assist you in taking the next step. Most of you are so busy, busy, busy all the time that you forget to stop and listen for the advice and loving support that you are so desperately seeking. Do not begin to think for a moment that this guidance is only available to some – remember that we speak to you in every moment of every day, you simply need to direct your Self to hear. There is nothing at all that separates you from those that do hear us, except for your unwillingness to listen when you are too deeply immersed in the physical world! So today we want to remind you to take a break. Let us talk, let us enjoy some peace and quiet together. In doing so, you will hear our thoughts and you will hear our loving words within your own mind and you will receive the peace and guidance that you seek. We are so very proud of you. We love you more than words can convey and we applaud you for your amazing progress this year. All of our love <3 your Angelic family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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